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Women clogs with patterns – comfy footwear to match everyone’s taste Everyone has heard of clogs – they are popular all over the world, and their look, as well as the material they’re made of, varies form culture to culture. Originally they were used by farmers, but today, clogs are incredibly versatile. When someone mentions clogs, we always think of healthcare workers, but thanks to the newest fashion trends, we can wear our clogs out in the city, or when we’re doing our shopping. They are comfortable and practical, but became a true icon because it their unique shape, various designs, which to some degree all stay true to the old-school clogs from the seventies. Clogs have a hard sole and a closed front part. They are usually flat, but we can also find clogs with a thick heel, and clogs with platforms. Models with interesting patterns, cute animals, cartoon characters and trendy illustrations are highly popular. They are ideal for work, and we have prepared a great selection of patterns for every profession – for healthcare workers, hairdressers, teachers, chefs, and the list goes on!


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