Women rainboots

AUTUMN-WINTER Collection - Women rainboots

Women’s rainboots and rubber boots – bringing color in the gloomy days! Rainboots were a huge hit in 2020, and we are certain that they’ll keep our feet dry in 2021 too. It’s not unusual that the simplest footwear becomes the glue that holds our every outfit together, for its versatility, and the ability to combine it with different styles. Rainboots fall into this category. Waterproof boots are great with a tight skirt and a cardigan, but they also work well with a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater. Rainboots are especially great for rainy days, but they can bring a bit of brightness into our “dry weather” outfits too. You can wear rainboots in the pouring rain or in a snowstorm, but rest assured – your feet will stay dry! This season, beside the classical black models, we can choose from a variety of colors, but we can also find rainboots decorated with golden details, animal print, or colorful patterns. Rainboots with belts and buckles can be a great addition to a more elegant outfit. Nylon waterproof boots with a thick sole are a great alternative to the classical models, while rainboots with a fur lining will make sure that every step you take is warm and comfortable!